Critical Reflction

My critical reflection

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I chose to do a podcast because vocalizing ideas are a great way to outline the creative process and speaking allows for a flow of ideas. 
Two links that can serve as a guide for my CCR :

ONE of these links is to a previous AICE Media Studies project, the other is unrelated to AICE Media Studies.


The product represents the social group of Feminists and independent women, as the main character represents those traits, as a single woman that provides for herself and independently creates her own living environment and supports herself with her advanced education.
 The product comments on the newfound use of social networking, meeting and creating social links with people over the internet. It represents an inherent and persisting problem that arises for our generation-Social Merida and the overexposure of our everyday life. To a certain extent, any person in the 21st century can relate to searching up someone’s profile on a social media account, but to what extent does it become creepy or stalker-ish? Is this our new normal? It engages audiences in the sense that this is an event that can basically happen to anyone that uses social media. With the way that social media has risen in usage, we have pushed the boundaries of what we consider as personal on a day to day basis. The constant use of social media had created a sense of inter communication and connectedness that may, in fact be more harmful than positive. If someone can constantly see what you are doing who is to say that they may not take advantage of you and the knowledge of your whereabouts and habits. What pitfalls may arise and how can this overexposure backfire on us? This film represents that and comments on how much is too much in term of how we share. This is a concern that more people should take up along with the advancement of technology and social media.

 In a real media text, it represents predatory actions that are made possible as a result of the way that we overexpose ourselves. It also demonstrates that we cannot always trust the other person on the other side of a screen. In terms of misenscene, we created a reality that many of us may be able to relate to. Through the use of technology and communication on a digital front, audiences are able to relate to this with applications and social apps, as well as dating apps that are now on the rise. The cinematography used is simplistic, yet effective in order to portray our story in a way that speaks for itself. Anybody can relate to the usage of technology. Sound Is used in order to create emotions that one may feel if they were in that situation. It is used to create and build suspense of the environment.
 Throughout the project, I learned how to manage a camera, as well as the basic settings such as ISO, shutter speed, etc. Prior to the class, I had never done anything with film, and this was my first exposure to the medium. I learned about basic cinematography and what it takes to compose a film with basic and more challenging shot outtakes. I learned about different kinds of shots, which were used in order to create variety and provide continuity to the film.

 I also learned about the convergence of technology and how the film industry integrates different forms of technology in order to create the products of the modern film industry today. In order for our film to be made, we used various forms of technology, such the the cameras, and even the devices that we used in the film (i.e. the tablet and computer). Social media plays a large role in our film and in order to make the use of mobile devices, we had to almost learn by trial and error in order to create a visually appealing product while maintaining it as a central component of the film.

 In addition, I learned about the extent of the industry and just how many businesses are involved in the film-making process. From working with actors, making foley tracks and recording sound, and editing to making our posters and pitching our films from the very beginning, there were so many processes and markets that went into making our film. Working with actors helped me in order to build social and leadership skills in order to create the final product. It brought another perspective to the acting industry and the collaboration between actors and directors. It took a great deal of communication in order to convey what I pictured in my had in order for the actors to be able to bring my Vision to life.

The majority of our film revolves around technology. It comments on the usage of technology in our daily life and how it has become a vice to avoid social interactions. Because social media and mobile devices are fairly near and vastly growing, it is constantly growing In terms of the conventions of cinematography and its portrayal in film. With new devices coming out everyday, there truly isn’t a right or wrong way to portray these devices, however, some ways are more visually appealing than others. The film conventions will continue to grow as newer devices are released and as technology advances. We utilized the internet as a place to pull our central conflict from, thus almost using the internet almost as a subject in and of itself. In terms of hardware, We used a Ronin, lighting lamps, and cameras in order to capture footage. My group and I utilized software such as FinalCutPro in order to edit the footage into a cohesive timeline with a flow of continuity.


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